The Orchard

If you are looking for a site without services to camp in a tent, then settle where you want in the Orchard. The spaces are not demarcated.

If you want to make a campfire or if you want to keep your car near your tent instead of the nearby parking, then book a lot with services.

The Orchard Camping sites for tents
The Orchard (on the left). Camping sites without services for tents.

Camping sites with services

From the reception, you pass the swimming pools, the Orchard (fields for tents or picnics) then the volleyball fields to arrive at the intersection of rue de Claire. The lots with services are in front of you.

Rue de Claire Photo by Nick and Lins (Naked Wanderings)
Rue de Claire. On the left are the camping sites with services. (Photo by Nick and Lins Naked Wanderings)

Plan of camping sites with services