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2914 Route 209
Québec J0S 1N0


Families with children benefit of the following rebates on rental :

10% per child, maximum 20%.

15% for adults of 18 to 30 years old (per member of a couple)

Note: Site is free for children less than 18 years old with parent.

Treat yourself with the Relaxation Package!

  • A massage
  • 2 breakfasts and a supper

For $ 90 / person
added to accommodation fees

See details.

Rates – 2022

Admission fee 1 adult 2 adults
12,00$ 20,00$

(Add taxes)

Notes :

  • The admission fee applies to the first day for any visitor 18 years or older who arrives before 6 p.m. and has booked accommodation.
  • Admission fees are not subject to accommodation discount.
  • Please note that there is no longer a half-day rate. Site access fees reflect your first day, then subsequent days are covered by accommodation fees.
  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed.

Rental of a campsite (Entrance fee for the next day is included)

Rates per day 1 adult 2 adults
Site without services (the orchard) 37,00$ 52,00$
Site with water + electricity 15A 39,00$ 53,00$
Site with water+ elec. 30A or 50A 40,00$ 54,00$
Site with water+ elec. 15A + sewers 44,00$ 58,00$
Site with water+ elec. 30A + sewers 45,00$ 59,00$
Site with water+ elec. 50A + sewers 46,00$ 60,00$

(Add taxes)

See Discounts


  • Deposit required to make a reservation.
  • The rental price includes the cost of the day following the night, but not the day of your arrival.
  • You have access to the campground until 9 pm on the day of your departure, but you must vacate your campsite for 11:00 am.
  • Free at all times for children under 18 with parent.

Plan of campsites

Rental of trailers, chalets or yurt

(Trailers fully equipped, except linen available on request for $10.00 per change.)

Rates per day 1 adult 2 adults
Chalet rental 104,00$ 121,00$
Trailer rental 104,00$ 121,00$
AC trailer 127,00$ 147,00$
Yurt rental 182,00$ 182,00$

Dormitory (double beds, bring your linen) 35,00$ 52,00$

Overnight stay with a member 24,00$ 40,00$

(Add taxes)

See Discounts


  • Deposit required to make a reservation.
  • The rental price includes the cost of access to the campground from the day after your arrival, but not on the day of your arrival.
  • At your arrival day, your accommodation will be ready at 1 PM maximum, but you can access the site from 9 AM. If your lodging is ready earlier, you will be informed accordingly.
  • At the departure day, you must vacate your lodging before 11 AM. However you can stay and enjoy the installations until 9 PM.
  • Free at all times for children under 18 years of age with parent.

(with or without children of less than 18 years)

1 adult 2 adults
Without site 950,00$ 1050,00$
Site without Services 2015,00$ 2180,00$
Water only 2050,00$ 2220,00$
Water, electricity 15A 2300,00$ 2485,00$
Water, electricity 15A, sewers 2400,00$ 2580,00$
Water, electricity 30A 2410,00$ 2590,00$
Water, electricity 30A, sewers 2585,00$ 2770,00$
Water, electricity 50A, sewers 2670,00$ 2860,00$

(Taxes included * )


  • RVs of 28 ‘ and over: additional cost of $60.00
  • Children of the members of more than 18 years sleeping at the parents’: Admittance and overnight stay $175.00 / child for the season.
  • Storage of trailers: $ 50.00 plus taxes per month / or part of a month.

* Municipal taxes, when applicable, are not included.

Service is included.

For information, please ask at the entrance.

For a supplement of 90 $ per person

Add the following to your stay :

  • Supper on Saturday (wine and tip not included)
  • 2 breakfasts : Saturday and Sunday
  • 1 massage (of one hour) per person. Choice of massage: swedish, shiatsu, Californian or therapeutic; **


  • Reservation required
  • Must be combined with a stay of two nights (Friday to Sunday)(Rental of trailer, chalet, yurt or campsite with services)

Notes :

  • ** Depending on the availability of massage therapists.
  • Limited offer. Depending on the availability of facilities.
  • This offer may end at any time without prior notice.


The following discounts may apply to accommodation fees for visitors:

15% per member of the couple from 18 to 30 years old.

10% per child, up to 20% maximum.

10% when the pool is closed.

15% for a stay of 5 days or more.

Note: These discounts are calculated successively when more than one discount applies.

Payment Methods


  • Cash
  • Debit
  • VISA
  • MasterCard

Available at the reception

  • Pay and leave your tank at reception no later than Saturday morning or Monday morning.
  • You can pick up your tank after 4:00 p.m. Saturday and Monday. (No delivery, no payment after filling)

What you get for your money

Our rates are based on operating costs, taking into account competitive factors.

La Pommerie is :

A camping with the usual services… Plus:

A Natural environment
A domain of about 150 acres. There are 9 types of forests with two sugar bushes and a wide variety of fauna (deer, wild turkey, raccoons, marmots, and about 40 kinds of birds), an interpretation trail more than 2 kilometers long.

Natural screens separate the different sectors.

An orchard of more than 600 apple trees (of an enchanting beauty when the apple trees are in bloom).

A vineyard of 1300 vine plants producing white, rosé, red wine, ice wine and late harvests.

A vast domain
Wide spaces separate sectors and provide a feeling of privacy.

Member sites are on average 4 times larger than the provincial standard, ranging from 3000 sq. Ft. To 8,000 sq. Ft.

Over 3 km of road for walking or cycling (traffic by car is limited).

An area for horses.

A community garden.

A vineyard.

An ecological center
Where we practice composting (garden) and recycling.

Salt water swimming pools.

Open 1 month more than several campsites.

Numerous active volunteers (community action group of tennis, “green collar” and composting, community garden group, petanque group, volleyball group, softball group, vineyard group, etc.)

You can borrow a bike for free.

The maintenance of such a domain in its natural state and providing services on such a vast area can not be an economic camping choice. This is an excellent value for your money.