Wanted : Japanese knotweed

The Japanese knotweed is an invasive exotic plant that is among the most formidable and most difficult to eliminate in the world.

Invasive alien plants are a threat to biodiversity: in a very short time, they can dominate an environment and prevent any other form of life from settling there, quickly destroying existing ecosystems.

Help us stop it from taking a significant stake in La Pommerie!

What to do if you find some? DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE IT!
(The smallest piece can start a new colony.)

Note its location and notify the Pommerie staff.

How to recognize it?
– big heart shaped leaves
– reddish branches in zigzag
– ears of white flowers in large quantities
– stalks reminiscent of bamboo
– can reach a good size (2-3m high)
– does not cause a skin reaction