This is the first time you plan to try naturism? You are curious, hesitant or decided? In any case, it is likely that you have a ton of worries and questions. This is quite normal. Above all, know first that we are here to make your experience a beneficial, harmonious and respectful one.

Why do naturism? What to expect?

For the comfort

It’s so much more comfortable!
The weather is hot, humid, you are moist under clothes that stick to your skin. Perhaps you already get rid of your clothes at home. But outside, in nature, you will be much more comfortable!

It is more convenient

Free from your clothes, life is much simpler!
You are picnicking, you want to play tennis, you are always properly dressed. You want to go for a swim? No need to worry if you brought your swimsuit. No need to look for a place to hide to put your swimsuit on. No need to go back to your tent or RV to change. After volleyball, you go with friends for a drink… you are still properly dressed.


Enjoy the proximity of nature. Discover this new contact. Feel the breeze on your skin. The contact of the sun. Listen to the sounds of nature, birds, wind. No radio, no music, no speaker sending messages to all. No traffic (cars are used only on arrival or departure).

My body

Wondering how others will see you, what they will think of your body?
Without clothes to attract the eye, the eye naturally goes to the real point of interest, your face, your eyes, you! No bikini swimsuit with bright colors to draw the eye to your chest, waist, hips.
You will have the curiosity to look at the bodies of others at first. You will soon accept your body. You will abandon these concerns and simply enjoy the comfort of naturism.
Notice how bodies, your body, are more harmonious, more beautiful without clothing that cuts the natural curves.

Contact with others

Without clothes, there are no indications of social or professionnal status to tint the relationships between people. You establish relationships with a person, not with a status.

The context does not lend to sexuality

To practice nudism at Pommerie is to engage in activities without the discomfort of clothes. During your visit, you may picnic, swim, play a sport (volleyball, tennis, petanque, …), take the opportunity to socialize … Take a walk. You will see someone reading, another garden , someone else mow the lawn …

And if it’s cold?

Nudity is mandatory if the weather permits.
If it is cold, you will wear clothes to protect yourself. Because then, clothes will be useful. You will then wear clothes for your comfort, not by social obligation.
At the pool, nudity is compulsory.