During the last 30 years at La Pommerie we defined ourselves a series of rules of community life aiming at allowing everyone to benefit fully from a quality life on the site.

These rules aim at increasing the quality of our physical and social environment, and at countering offensive behaviors.

  1. Respect others
  2. Respect nature.
  3. Nudism is obligatory whenever weather permits.
  4. Disrespectful or provoking behavior will result in the expulsion of the person involved without prior notice or reimbursement.
  5. Admission and renting fees for campground, dormitory, or motel, must be paid at the entrance.
  6. Cars and motorcycles are prohibited on the community areas. We request visitors to leave their vehicules in the parking lot.
  7. Garbage should be disposed of at the gate in order to eliminate wild visitors.
  8. In consideration of your neighbors, radios and T.V. are forbidden outside of your tent or trailer and you must control excessive noises. We suggest the use of walkmans.
  9. Taking photos is forbidden unless formally authorized by the administration.
  10. Domestic animals are not permitted.
  11. Bottles and glasses must be carried in containers to prevent injuries to bare feet.
  12. Walking with open cans or bottles is forbidden. Enjoy your drinks while sitting.
  13. For hygiene security, you must use a towel on public seats.
  14. Visitors are not allowed to make campfires in the orchards.
  15. Children must be under the permanent supervision and control of their parents.
  16. Children are strictly forbidden in pool and lake areas unless accompanied by an adult.

La Pommerie Inc. is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles, nor for any accidents that may occur on the grounds.

The complete regulations.