Here are the 10 main rules governing behavior at the Pommerie.

Self-respect, Respect for others, Respect for the environment

1. The towel is your best friend!
For hygienic reasons, you’ll need it to sit on at all times, and it can be very useful for drying yourself off and protecting you from the sun or rain 🙂

2. Live naked!
Nudity is mandatory, weather permitting. No bathing suits, underwear or sexy clothing is allowed. For menstruating women, we recommend wearing a towel or sarong around your waist to hide your underwear.

3. No touching
Touching between naked bodies in public spaces is not permitted. Certain gestures are tolerated (e.g., holding hands), but bear in mind that there are children and adults around you who may misinterpret or be disturbed by certain gestures in a nude context.

4. Be classy
Any solicitation of a sexual nature is forbidden. The notion of consent is very important to us. Any behavior that makes a person feel uncomfortable is unacceptable and must be adjusted immediately. Any inappropriate gesture or solicitation will result in expulsion from the site, without refund.

5. Smile, you are NOT being photographed 🙂
For this reason, cell phones are forbidden outside the trailers, unless special permission is granted to affix a brightly colored sticker to cover the camera’s eye.

6. Can you hear the birds?
Birdsong and the wind in the trees are our priority. That’s why radios are not allowed. Sound systems (radio or TV) are permitted in the trailers, as long as the volume does not harm the neighbors. Relative silence is required after 11 p.m.

7. Bottles and cans
If opened, they must remain on your property or picnic site. If closed for transport, they must be carried in a bag. Water bottles are accepted.

8. Babies at the pools
Children under 12 years of age may not swim without the supervision of a responsible adult (max. 2 children/adult) appointed for this purpose. Lifeguards are not responsible for your children. Children in diapers or briefs are allowed in the lake, wading pool and medium pool only, provided they have a swim diaper. In the event of excrement in a pool, we are obliged to empty, clean and refill it. This process takes about a week. You’ll understand that we can’t allow babies in large pools.

9. Man’s best friend… is plants 😉
Dogs, or any other pets, are not allowed on site. However, an exception is made for cats on a leash, provided they remain on their master’s property. Two kennels are available within 5 minutes of La Pommerie.

10 – Contemplate, we’re in no hurry
For safety, dust and noise reasons, we ask you to limit your speed to 9 km/h when driving. Please note that vehicles are forbidden in the village, with some exceptions, and must be kept to a strict minimum elsewhere on the site. Enjoy Bixi-Pom, and a good walk is always good for you!

Accessing the Pommerie site or becoming a member implies adherence to its values.