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At la Pommerie

1 – My first visit. What should I expect? Will I have to take my clothes off in public?…

Picnic area near the swimming pools and the parking.

Picnic area near the swimming pools and the parking. Photos : Nick and Lins (Naked Wanderings)

First, we suggest you read and familiarize yourself with our rules.
Bring a towel. You will use it to sit on public seat. It’s for hygiene reasons.

After paying for your stay at the entrance, you will go through about half a kilometer of woods separating the road from the campground. The parking is right after the small apple-trees orchard. You will be surrounded by nature (forest and apple trees) and you will see the fence of the swimming pools and a few cars.

You may decide to leave your clothes at the car. Or if you prefer use our restrooms nearby to remove your clothes.

Services near the parking and the picnic area close to the swimming pools.

Services near the parking and the picnic area close to the swimming pools. Photos: Nick and Lins (Naked Wanderings)

You may want to have a seat at a picnic table near your car for a moment before you explore the campground and its facilities.

Take a walk. Explore. Walk towards the Orchard, past the swimming pools… or take left towards the main lawn, the petanque court, the Village of La Pommerie, and the lake…

2 – May I bring my pet, my dog?

Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the site.

However, it is possible to let your dog or cat in pension at 1 km of la Pommerie:
Pension B & B for dogs and cats
3055, route 209, St-Antoine-Abbé
450 826.3469

3 – Is nudity compulsory? At all times?

La Pommerie is a nudist campground. In respect for others who come here to be naked, nudity is required from everyone when temperature permits. This is why it is forbidden to wear swimming suits or underwear.
When temperature is cooler, in the evening it is permitted to wear clothes.
Nudity is required at the pools and around the lake at all times.

4 – Are singles admitted at La Pommerie?

Single persons are admitted only if they are known by the administration or sponsored by a member of La Pommerie.

5 – May I take pictures?

No. Photos are not allowed. During special events only the photograph(s) designated by the administration may take photos.

6 – What are the main rules of etiquette?

We invite you to read our rules. Over the last 40 years, La Pommerie has set a series of rules of community life to allow everyone to fully benefit of a quality life on the site.

Respect others, respect nature.

  • For hygiene reasons, always use a towel when you sit on a public seat.
  • Walking with food or drinks is forbidden. Enjoy your meal or drinks while sitting.
  • After your meal, dispose of your waste in the trashcans.
  • Avoid doing noise. Others around you should not hear your radio, cell phone etc.
  • Physical contact between two naked bodies is forbidden in public.

7 – Not a swingers resort

La Pommerie is a family campground. Swinging and similar activities are inappropriate and such activities are not tolerated.


1 – What if I have my “period”?

Nudity is required from everyone when the temperature permits. This is why it is forbidden to wear a swimming suit or underwear. During your period, if you chose to wear underwear, have a towel around your waist.

2 – What if I have an erection?

It’s a worry many men have before a first visit. But it is unlikely to happen as the environment is non sexual combined to the slight unease of your first visit. If it were to happen, use your towel stragically, dive in the pool or turn over on your stomach, to solve the situation.

3 – I am not comfortable to show my body.

You wonder what other will think of your body. However, without any clothes to attract attention to your waist or your breast, you will notice that the others will look at your face, at you.

You will meet people of all ages, of all colors, of different sizes and shapes. And all these bodies carry the traces of the passage of life.

4 – Isn’t nudity sexual?

At your first visit, you will be surprised by the absence of sexuality.

Walk around. You will see people “live” naked. You will cross someone taking a walk, another taking a bike ride, others playing petanque, gardening, mowing his grass etc.

This is not a context for sex.

5 – Children

One of the playgrounds for children.

One of the playgrounds for children. Photos: Nick and Lins (Naked Wanderings)

A comment frequent from scientists is that nudity in itself is not problematic for children but rather the context in which nudity takes place and the attitude of the parents. Children react more to the attitude of the parents than at nudity itself. For children, nudity becomes a problem if we treat it as such. For many psychologists, the absence of nudity at home, sends the implicit message that a naked body is unacceptable and shamefull. An attitude which transforms in an incomfort towards nudity.

At La Pommerie your child will find a vast playground, where car traffic is almost absent.

La Pommerie is intended for families to feel at ease and safe with their children so they may appreciate a rich and welcoming nature.

6 – Nudism and naturism?

Trail towards the lake and the Village.

Trail towards the lake and the Village. Photos: Nick and Lins (Naked Wanderings)

People who practice nudism or naturism do not necessarily insist on being identified with these labels. A nudist will practice nudity with others, whether at a beach, camping, spa or other environment. A naturist will practice nudity in a natural environment, seeking a contact with nature.

For a naturist, the objective is to get closer to nature by eliminating superfluous artifices. Nudity is only an aspect of this approach.

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