for the rest of the 2021 season

Lots of hard-to-enforce regulations, a mini-tornado, sky-rocketing price hikes, staff, delivery and supply difficulties, and exhaustion.

In this context, the restaurant cannot survive and unfortunately has to close its doors for the rest of the season.

Catering Service – Take-out

In collaboration with the management of La Pommerie, we have completely redesigned the restaurant’s activities to reduce the risk of spread.

You can enjoy our meals by taking them to your home.


Friday pizzas are back! PIZZA Menu

Slate menu

For the plates of the week , see the Slate on site or contact us by phone.

Phone number

Phone number of the restaurant 450 826 0440



You may now pay via Interac debit card or VISA or MasterCard credit cards.

We made this change for sanitary reasons, in order to avoid transmitting the virus through cash.
We suggest you use Paypass mode for this year.

Take-out service – Opening hours

Monday to Thursday Closed
Friday 11 to 2pm (bar : 4pm) 5pm to 8pm
Saturday 11 to 2pm (bar : 4pm) 5pm to 8pm
Sunday 11 to 2pm

Schedule may change.

Restaurant phone number 450 826 0440

Catering service – reservations

Available soon



Security during your visit to the restaurant

Note that very drastic measures have been taken at the restaurant to ensure that it is safe to come and get your meal.

Safety mesures have been taken at the restaurant.

Restaurant Les Trois pommiers

Plat - resto Les Trois Pommiers

Restaurant Les Trois pommiers