for the rest of the 2021 season

Lots of hard-to-enforce regulations, a mini-tornado, sky-rocketing price hikes, staff, delivery and supply difficulties, and exhaustion.

In this context, the restaurant cannot survive and unfortunately has to close its doors for the rest of the season.

Aux Trois pommiers, restaurant

We completely redesigned the restaurant activities

The objective is twofold: to provide you with varied and quality food, while reducing your trips inside and outside the site, thereby reducing the risk of spread of the virus.

Catering service

To meet all your gourmet needs and desires!

Breakfasts, lunch, supper.

Catering service

Grocery store

A grocery store at La Pommerie: varied and quality food while reducing your trips outside the site. (List of products)


Dining room


Try our catering service. You may also purchase frozen meals at the grocery.

It goes without saying that the restaurant must adapt to this new situation. Considering that this is a central location, temporary measures will be put in place to keep it open, while ensuring your safety and that of food.

In collaboration with the management of La Pommerie, we have completely redesigned the restaurant’s activities. The objective is twofold: to provide you with varied and quality food, while reducing your trips inside and outside the site, thereby reducing the risk of spread.

The restaurant in “Catering” mode
A catering service to meet all your gourmet needs and desires!

Grocery at La Pommerie
The positive side of this pandemic is that it propels a project that we have been committed to developing for a long time: a grocery store at La Pommerie. Indeed, this crisis allows us to accelerate the establishment of such a service by 2 years.

Ecology in a pandemic: not easy!

We have determined that disposable dishes are safer in this time of crisis. The data relating to the transmission of the virus are still too uncertain for us to be able to operate safely with reusable dishes. However, we will make sure to use the most ethical containers possible.

Catering service

Varied breakfasts offered
For takeout
Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Cold take out menu [before 8 p.m. the day before]
Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Hot meals for take out [before 12 noon]
Friday, Saturday 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Temporary measures in place until June 24

After this date, we will review whether the measures should be maintained or relaxed.

1) The dining room will be closed, most likely all summer.
2) The use of the tables on the terrace will be prohibited, at least until June 24.
3) The bar will be closed, at least until June 24.

As is the case in all businesses today, rules of conduct will have to be observed in restaurants.

Our local suppliers

We are proud to encourage the local economy. In high season, up to 80% of our ingredients are produced within a radius of 15 km!
Here are few of them:

La boutique Bon Bœuf: Cattle farm, free and fed with fodder
Les Jardins d’en haut: Certified organic vegetable farm
La Boulangerie Chartrand: Fresh baked breads of century-old terracotta
Les jardins de la résistance: Organic certified greenhouse vegetables, honey and many more
Boucherie Viau and its smoker of yesteryear

La Bleuetière: Blueberries and maple syrup
Boréale: Quebec micro-brewery with eco-friendly practices
Beau’s : Micro-brewery BIO artisanal and ontarian
Café Napoléon organic and fair trade coffee roaster
Écolab Innovative and eco-responsible cleaning products
NORREF fisheries ; A leader in terms of eco-responsibility and ethical origins, it is not uncommon to see this supplier using its purchasing power to support environmental causes!
Terre à Soi : A jewel of Montreal boutique, puts in the foreground a crowd of local artisans, organic and biodegradable products!

Restaurant Les Trois pommiers

Plat - resto Les Trois Pommiers

Restaurant Les Trois pommiers