Aux Trois pommiers, restaurant

Located in the heart of the village of La Pommerie, the restaurant welcomes you in a warm atmosphere. Why not have a draft beer on the terrace after a hot day? From the classic breakfast, “decadent brunch”, dinner, pizza, to the table d’hôte Saturday night …

Cash only
Please note that there is no ATM and the restaurant does not take cards.

Note: The menu is posted as of Thursdays


Friday, August 16
Italian Friday – New menus for the summer
This week’s tartare : Salmon tartare, mango, cucumber and green tobiko
Appetizer ($11,00) Meal ($22,00)
Other menus at the restaurant


Saturday, August 17

5 @ 7 Beatles – Hors d’oeuvre – $ 5.00 / person
Bites: Yellow Sub-marine, Strawberry Field, Record Green Apple Salad and Yoko Chips

Saturday menu
Table d’hôte (add $ 5.00)

Green salad with green apple or cream of mushrooms a la Savoy Truffle

The John Lenon Risotto ($ 17.00)
Sir Paul Pork and his mango McChuntey ($ 15.00)
Georges Harrison Steak (Bon Beef Hamburger Steak ($ 11.00) Vegan Option Available)

Ringo’s Tarte

Sunday August 18, supper
Complete table d’hôte ($ 15.00) Without table d’hôte ($ 11.00)
Menu will be posted at the restaurant Sunday by 3pm

Prices include taxes, but not tips.


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Friday Menu

Delight your senses with a Tartar appetizer
Flavors on slate

Delicious homemade pizzas

New this year: Mediterranean pizzas with thin crust


Spaghetti and Mac’n’cheese

The restaurant

Breakfast, Dinner, and Supper menus are offered as well as “a la carte” salads, sandwichs, ice cream and beverages.

Business hours 2019

Friday:      11am to 9 pm

Saturday     8am to 9pm

Sunday:     8am to 8pm

Monday and Tuesday : CLOSED (except if holiday – opened from 8am to 11am)

Wednesday and Thursday :     11h00 à 19h00

Please note business hours may change

Phone number : 450 826 0440

Léa Dinel

It’s an honor to be back for the second year at the restaurant management!

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you Mariluce, who will take the direction of the bar and who will therefore be my main ally in the adventure this summer. Her innovative ideas, her passion for zero waste and her colorful personality will charm you.

As for the food, we will keep the same guideline as last year, that is to say to offer you an increasingly local table, more and more ecological, but above all, always gourmet. Our Montérégian suppliers will help us once again in this task!!

Bon Appétit from your Chef,
Léa Dinel

Our local suppliers

We are proud to encourage the local economy. In high season, up to 80% of our ingredients are produced within a radius of 15 km!
Here are few of them:

La boutique Bon Bœuf: Cattle farm, free and fed with fodder
Les Jardins d’en haut: Certified organic vegetable farm
La Boulangerie Chartrand: Fresh baked breads of century-old terracotta
Les jardins de la résistance: Organic certified greenhouse vegetables, honey and many more
Boucherie Viau and its smoker of yesteryear

Restaurant Les Trois pommiers

Plat - resto Les Trois Pommiers

Restaurant Les Trois pommiers