Nature Trail “Le Reflechissoir

A way for everyone to be able to explore a small area of ​​the Pommerie forest.

Be sure to take a walk on the interpretation trail prepared for us by Guy (Boisé).
Borrow the guide at the Office, your visit will be much enriched.

Guy presents the trail as follows:

“La Pommerie is a naturist center with generous and varied facilities, a kind of clearing devoted to the culture of happiness, protected from the outside world by the surrounding forest.

To allow everyone to explore in comfort (mosquitoes set aside) a small area of ​​this beneficent forest, the Reflectissoir has been laid out … Because the Pommerie is also an ecological center, as proudly proclaims its beautiful sign at the entrance of La Pommerie.



A good neologism:

  • Constructed from the verb “to reflect”
  • And the termination “oir” which indicates the function, the use of a place or a thing (promenoir, miroir, trottoir, etc.).

Here it refers to a peaceful place where one can indulge in reflection on oneself and nature, and on oneself in nature, or in the observation of that same nature … or simply in reverie.

Lycopodes? Horsetail? Ask for the interpretation guide.

Why the Réfléchissoir

To become familiar with the natural environment here, the indigenous environment:

  • Its flora: from the modest moss to the powerful red oak, dean of the forest,
  • Its fungi: from lichen to mushrooms of all shapes and colors,
  • Its fauna: more discreet, more present by its traces than otherwise.

To obtain a more enlightened knowledge of nature and a strong desire to preserve it.

Entrance to the Réfléchissoir

What is the Réfléchissoir

A nature interpretation trail in a relatively small area of ​​forest, the southernmost of Pommerie, which offers a vast sampling of natural conditions:

  • In a nature hardly touched by the only development of the trail: clearings made to allow passage, footbridges installed to cross the swamps with dry foot and bridge thrown on a stream for the pleasure and comfort of walkers,
  • Accessible via Melba 3 path by a monumental portal easily visible,
  • Trails total just under 2.5 km,
  • The looped layout allows you to visit the trail in whole or in part in one direction or the other with up to 8 path possibilities for the complete route and unlimited possibilities of long, medium or short partial routes.
Entrance to the Réfléchissoir

Entrance to the Réfléchissoir

Suggested route for a first visit:

  • From the gate, take the main path, or path of the Lycopodes, which leads to the first loop: this loop, or loop of Ferns, will in turn take you to the other two loops independent of each other,
  • At the fork, turn left, up to the bridge over the stream,
  • Cross the creek to reach the second loop, or loop of the Great Red Oaks, progress in a clockwise direction to return to the bridge along the right bank of the stream,
  • Join the loop of the Ferns, turn left at the exit of the bridge, then along the left bank of the stream to the point of junction of the third loop, or loop of the helmlock trees,
  • Turn left, continuing up the creek by the left bank, before advancing into the forest and returning to the Fern loop,
  • Turn left to complete the circuit of the loop of the Ferns and return to the portal by the path of the Lycopodes.»

A variety of fungi can be observed.