Covid-19 vaccine passport

Hello everyone,

The Government of Quebec has announced that as of September 1, 2021, the COVID-19 vaccine passport will allow access to certain places and certain non-essential activities only to persons (13 years of age and over), adequately protected or to those who have a recognized contraindication to vaccination against COVID-19. Consequently, we must all at La Pommerie, at all times, respect this rule.

It is each person’s responsibility to have their passport in their possession when participating in any of the activities mentioned below. La Pommerie will not keep records and will not accept people “on their word” only.

Obviously, anyone who does not have a valid vaccination passport will not have access to the places concerned, nor will be able to participate in the activities concerned. Any violation of this measure is subject to the penalties and sanctions provided for by law.

Activities and places targeted

According to the information currently held, the activities and places targeted for the use of the vaccination passport at La Pommerie are in particular:
· Events bringing together more than 50 people;
· Bars and restaurants, including terraces;
· Sports or activities practiced indoors (billiards / gymnasium / line dancing / Knitting-tea);
· Table tennis (ping-pong);
· Sports or activities involving frequent or prolonged contact (baseball and volleyball).

Not covered by passport

According to the current list published by the government, activities permitted without a vaccination passport include the following:

Outdoor tennis
Massage therapy
Outdoor swimming


To ensure the confidentiality of your personal data, only members of the administration (Gilles, Arnaud, Laurence, Maude and Martine), as well as a few officials appointed by them, will be able to validate passports. A non-disclosure agreement will be signed by each authorized person.
We thank you for your understanding and count on your collaboration.




By “vaccination passport” is meant proof of vaccination against COVID-19 containing a QR code that displays your level of protection. This evidence can be presented in three ways:

1 – In paper format;
You can use the QR code received by email or text after your most recent dose of vaccine in paper format. If you have not received your QR code, download it from the Self-Service Portal and print it.
2 – In PDF format on your mobile device;
3 – From the “VaxiCode” application that you can download from:
– iPhone – Apple Store:
– Android – Google play:

* To make an appointment in Montérégie to get vaccinated: