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  • Yawo Quartet

    The band playing on August 18 at the Sapiens Event

    We are proud to present the band of musicians who will play for us on August 18th!

    Yawo Quartet is Moses and his acolytes who explore the origins of jazz, while percussion was still in the spotlight. Mixing compositions and improvisation, the quartet will make you move under the stars on a trip worthy of an African night.

    Moïse Yawo Matey , of Togolese origin, has lived in Togo, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and Benin. Self-taught, he began percussion and dance at the age of seven. Arriving in Quebec in 2005, Moïse performed at the Montreal International Jazz Festival and at the Global Hip Hop Festival in Toronto. Among his instruments are the calabash, the djembe, the congas, the bongos, the cajòn, the derbouka, the woudou and others of African tradition. Moses knows how to adapt his rhythms to different styles of music: African, electronic, jazz, Latin, hip hop and fusion.

  • Starting June 24th

    Massage Therapy
    Starting June 24th, the massage therapy center is open during the week from St-Jean until Labor Day.

    Appointments are made by self-registration at the entrance of the Massage Therapy Center.

    Aquafitness classes start Sunday, June 24th.

  • Our activities are open to all. Come and join us.

    Whether you are just visiting or already a member, a beginner or an expert, all are welcome to participate. Aquafitness, lessons in country dance, volleyball, petanque, wine tasting sessions, and more… Complete listing

  • Piscine d'eau salée

    Job offers

    Lifeguard wanted
    Chief lifeguard wanted
    Valid certificates from Canadian Red-Cross or la Société de sauvetage required.
    Please contact : Caro at 1.450.826.4723
    Must be able to speak french.