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  • Wanted : Japanese knotweed

    The Japanese knotweed is an invasive exotic plant that is among the most formidable and most difficult to eliminate in the world.

    Invasive alien plants are a threat to biodiversity: in a very short time, they can dominate an environment and prevent any other form of life from settling there, quickly destroying existing ecosystems.

    Help us stop it from taking a significant stake in La Pommerie!

    What to do if you find some? DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE IT!
    (The smallest piece can start a new colony.)

    Note its location and notify the Pommerie staff.

    How to recognize it?
    – big heart shaped leaves
    – reddish branches in zigzag
    – ears of white flowers in large quantities
    – stalks reminiscent of bamboo
    – can reach a good size (2-3m high)
    – does not cause a skin reaction

  • Documentary to see on (in French)

    Documentary : “S’affranchir de l’image”
    The film deals with the acceptance of the body in the age of social media, where the standards of beauty are conveyed more than ever before, and naturism is presented simply as one of the initiatives to counter this trend and accept one’s body .

    The documentary was shot in part at La Pommerie.

    You can watch it on (in French)

    Documentary "S'affranchir de l'image" (in French)
  • Review published in Naked Wanderings by Nick & Lins

    Nick & Lins, naturist couple from Belgium, traveling in Canada, were recently at La Pommerie. They keep a very interesting naturist blog to follow: Naked Wanderings where they talk about their travel and the naturist places they visit in the world.

    They wrote a very interesting article about Pommerie. here is the link

    Thanks to Nick and Lins for the superb photos
    (Naked Wanderings)

  • Our activities are open to all. Come and join us.

    Whether you are just visiting or already a member, a beginner or an expert, all are welcome to participate. Aquafitness, lessons in country dance, volleyball, petanque, wine tasting sessions, and more… Complete listing

  • Piscine d'eau salée

    Job offers

    Lifeguard wanted
    Chief lifeguard wanted
    Valid certificates from Canadian Red-Cross or la Société de sauvetage required.
    Please contact : Caro at 1.450.826.4723
    Must be able to speak french.