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  • Interview at 103.3 FM

    Arnaud in interview, with Jean-Yves Lemay at 103.3

    Interview from August 26, 2023 at 103.3, now available as a podcast on Spotify

    On naturism and La Pommerie
    Why naturism, the benefits. Are first-time apprehensions justified?

    Listen to the podcast on Spotify

  • Documentary to see on (in French)

    Documentary : “S’affranchir de l’image”
    The film deals with the acceptance of the body in the age of social media, where the standards of beauty are conveyed more than ever before, and naturism is presented simply as one of the initiatives to counter this trend and accept one’s body .

    The documentary was shot in part at La Pommerie.

    You can watch it on (in French)

    Documentary "S'affranchir de l'image" (in French)
  • Our activities are open to all. Come and join us.

    Whether you are just visiting or already a member, a beginner or an expert, all are welcome to participate. Aquafitness, lessons in country dance, volleyball, petanque, wine tasting sessions, and more… Complete listing